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Ladoga Trophy Russia: Toughest trophy in Europe running until 12th of June

Ladoga Trophy Russia

After the victory at the Magam Trophy, the Off-Roadsport team moves to Saint Petersburg to take part in another big off-roading event. The Russian "Ladoga Trophy" is considered the most difficult in Europe.
The most numerous grous is the Russian one, but there are a number of Finns, Danes, Belgians, Austrians and Poles too. It is already clear that there will be three Polish teams on it: Marcin Lukaszewski and Magdalena Duhanik, Adam Bomba and Arek Najder, Wojciech Antoniuk and Sebastian Klonowski.
The technical inspection and administrative reception finished on Friday. The base is located in the center of St Petersburg, near an ice-hockey arena. The cars around are definitely off the Polish standards of construction, and it appears that the terrains around require a little different set-up.
Despite carrying wheels too small to the regulation requirements, the Off-roadsport team has enlisted for participation in the top class, Proto. Tomorrow, 10AM, there will be an honorary start, followed by the first special stage of 12kms of length.
Ladoga Trophy will be on between 4th and 12t June. The organizer has prepared 9 SS, with length ranging from 2 to 27kms. The entire course's length is 1192kms, 132kms of which are SS. The start and finish are located in St Petersburg. Over the 8 days of competition, the participants will complete a loop around the largest European lake.

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