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City news, 28.10.2011 04:06

Dutch Business on Russian Visit

Melanie Schultz van Haegen

Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and Environment of the Netherlands, characterized the Russian-Dutch round table on “New Possibilities on Port and Transport Infrastructure Development” she co-chaired in St. Petersburg as ‘a little short, but very interesting’. ‘I know that Dutch business is keen on working here, and they have good experience’.
Victor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, who co-chaired the meeting on the Russian part, summing up the event said that ‘it was the first round table, it was a success, and I hope it won’t be the last one. It was a signal to the Dutch business, which, I hope, was accepted: Very welcome in Russia!’
Members of the Dutch delegation confirmed their interest in Russian projects and appreciated the signal. ‘An extremely good event, well organized, with a lot of helpful information’, shared his impression with SeaNews Pieter van Oord, CEO, Van Oord. ‘In his presentation the deputy minister gave a very good list of projects, extremely interesting for the industry’.
Speaking of the practical aspect of the visit P. van Oord added that ‘The main purpose of this visit is to bring the two countries closer to each other, to improve our relations. There will be new projects following the visit in energy, agriculture, transport sector’. He confirmed that he expects new business projects for his company as well.
Steven Bouckaert, Manager Business Development, Boskalis, described the atmosphere of the event as ‘very open, very cooperative. You feel that there was a real ‘click’’. He was positive answering the question if the visit will materialize into new projects. ‘I expect so. This will give a start to new projects. Definitely, there is a lot of raw material, but now work has to start, and new projects will follow’.
Arnoud G. Joling, Director of St. Petersburg branch office, Witteveen+Bos, described the meeting as ‘an Interesting exchange of opportunities, ideas and problems, with all stakeholders here’. He also appreciated the Russian deputy minister asking the Dutch business about the problems and obstacles they face in Russia and the solutions they suggest.
Stanislav Shapovalov, Director of St. Petersburg branch office, Tebodin, described the meeting as ‘an open discussion on both Russian and Dutch part’ adding that ‘We would like more openness and cooperation, and help on the Russian part’. ‘We are ready to share our expertise

News source: SeaNews

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