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NG Oil & Gas Summit Russia & CIS 2012

Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Next Generation Oil and Gas group (NGO&G) is a consortium of 65 CEOs and senior Corporate Officers from small, mid, and large cap O&G producers who are active in their companies on a strategy level, but also have an eye for next generation technologies. Together with Ben Williams from GDS, the NGO&G group organizes highly interactive 3-day strategy sessions. The program topics for the summit are set entirely by industry members.
The summit combines high-level roundtable discussions with next generation technology solutions that address the most pressing challenges the industry faces. The format is structured enough to effectively organize roundtable discussions on all the most pressing topics, but open enough to allow for changes that will inevitably occur when 65 industry leaders interact over 3 days. Some of the key discussion topics include:

New drilling, completion and production technologies
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Next generation exploration tools
Asset Management
IT & Communications solutions
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Waste Water Management / Treatment

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