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Over 15,000 Servicemen to Celebrate Russian Navy Day

Russian Navy Day

Over 15,000 servicemen, as well as more than 170 vessels and submarines will take part in festive activities dedicated to Russia's Navy Day, the Defense Ministry reported.
The professional holiday of Russian naval servicemen was established in 1939 and is marked on the last Sunday of July.
Some 1,500 Pacific Fleet servicemen will celebrate the holiday in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok, and 3,000 Northern Fleet servicemen will take part in a parade in Severomorsk.
The cities of Baltiysk and St. Petersburg will see some 4,000 Baltic Fleet servicemen parading; Ukraine’s Sevastopol, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based, will see joint festive activities by 5,000 Russian and Ukrainian sailors: Ukraine also celebrates its Navy Day on the last Sunday of July.
The Russian city of Novorossiysk will see some 600 naval servicemen celebrating.
The day will culminate in festive concerts and fireworks.

News source: RIA Novosti

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