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Smelt festival

Event location: St. Petersburg, Bolshoy pr.V.O. 103, “Lenexpo” exhibition complex, fairgrounds between Pavilion 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.
Event organizers: St. Petersburg Department of the Russian Cultural Workers Union, “Smelt” trade network” ltd, The Center of Perspective Symbolism”, “Telemedia” csc.
The festival is organized in assistance with St. Petersburg Maritime Council.
The annual Smelt Festival is the first public all-city event, organized for all citizens of St. Petersburg of different ages, social positions and interests.
The beginning of May is St. Petersburg season of smelt fishing, when the City is filled with the smell of fresh “cucumber” – the symbol of St. Petersburg spring. Small smelt has become one of the City symbols; the Smelt Festival is usually attended by around 50 thousand city citizens and guests.
The Festival will be attended by the representatives of St. Petersburg Administration and Legislative Assembly, artists, musicians, teachers and students, schoolchildren and sportsmen, pensioners. The event is planned as an all-city picnic.
Cultural and sport program: cultural and entertaining programs are designed for a wide range of ages and interests. The central stage will demonstrate the performances of St. Petersburg entertainers. All visitors will be offered different contests and games. The winners will be awarded with prizes. Children will enjoy a variety of attractions. The traditional fishing contest will be organized within festival’s framework.
Exclusive program.
A special pool with live fish will be constructed at “Lenexpo” fairgrounds”; the program will include the awarding ceremony for the best fishermen of St. Petersburg. Festival organizers will offer their amazing “Tsar Fresh-Soup” cooked in a 1000 liter special casserole by the famous citizens of St. Petersburg: sportsmen, businessmen and people of art.
The chiefs from the famous St. Petersburg restaurants will introduce their exclusive fish dishes.
Traditional game program “Gold Fish in the silver shoal” will give all visitors a chance to find golden pendants, specially designed in the shape of smelt, and receive other prizes.
The traditional salmon fry stocking will take place on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Media sources are welcome to attend the event.
Smelt Festival is traditionally visited by famous people such as Mikhail Boyarsky, Gennady Seleznev, Valery Gergiev, Maxim Shostakovich, Tonino Guerra – famous Italian screenwriter, and the director of Russian State Fishing Agency “Rosrybolovstvo” Andrey Krayniiy. But the names of VIP guests for 2011 Festival are still kept in secret.
At present the event Organizers are establishing contacts with allied Festivals in other cities (“Herring Festival” in Kaliningrad, “Korfest” in Chukotka, “Smelt Day” in Palanga (Lithuania) and est.) and discussing the possibility of their representation at St. Petersburg Festival.
But SMELT remains the main program component: fresh, smoked, dried, stocked ,marinated and GRILLED served with cold golden beer

News source: lenexpo

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