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GEEKPICNIC the main Russian festival of modern technologies, sciences and arts, a key event for progressive, educated, keen people, the meeting place of unique community which creates the new world.
The impressive space of the festival borrowing this year of the whole 20 000 sq.m, will be traditionally divided into the zones "Technologies", "Science", "Art", "Picnic", "Expo" and "Market". Expects more than 20 000 guests this summer of Geek Picnic.

The following activities open for free participation of visitors presented in the two-day program of a festival:
- "Park of Robots" from huge Mondo Spider to robots bartenders and the androidnykh of Tespian robots;
- the zone 3D - the press: devices for the press of food, tattoo stuffing, huge printers on production of furniture full-scale and installation Art;
- the Russia's first 3D Print Fashion Show the design fashionable things created thanks to 3D technology: from jewelry and accessories to shoes and dresses;
- 60 lectures and seminars from the Russian scientists, the guru from the world of technologies, artists and creators; - 30 master classes - on a robotics and the personal creativity, the open area for performance with the report in a zone of a free microphone;
- championship of pilotless thrones, competitions of robots and programming championship;
- board games, summer entertainments on a grass and First Geek Cup a marathon of sports;
- big chill out a zone on a lawn with padded stools, movie theater and an evening weakening concert at water under the star sky;
- more than 30 various gastronomic pleasures from restaurants: burgers, , kapkeyka, pastes, land and the most tasty cocktails.

On Geek Picnic the whole palette of technologies which were difficult to presented until recently will presented, and today it is possible to see and easily to use in action space. In some years they become norm of everyday life: PayPal payments in one contact, delivery by pilotless thrones, exoskeletons, bionic artificial limbs, robots assistants, augmented reality and many other things.
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