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Offshore Marintec Russia 2014

Offshore Marintec Russia 2014

The new event will run in even-numbered years and be a conceptual follow-up of the most famous national shelf development forum RAO/CIS Offshore and the international marine technology and shipbuilding trade show Marintec.
Development of continental shelf resources is one of the fastest growing branches of the fuel and energy complex in Russia which is characterised by new methods, technologies, constructions and materials. The Government of the Russian Federation has approved the Program for development of shipbuilding until 2030, with a priority area of maintenance support for shelf resources development, and building of high-tech ships, icebreakers, tankers and offshore platforms. According to Russian experts, the general demand in the equipment will be some 1,400 units by 2030.
In pursuance of current realities, two major exhibition businesses UBM and RESTECŪ Exhibition Company have joined their efforts to implement the new idea of a unique business event Offshore Marintec Russia. This exhibition will offer an opportunity to have a complete grasp of modern technical means necessary at all stages of offshore energy resources development from geological prospecting and producing to transporting and storing.

RESTEC Exhibition Company 12A Petrozavodskaya str.,
197110 St. Petersburg, Russia
Contact: Julia Boublits (Ms.)
Tel/fax: + 7 812 320 96 60

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