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City news, 01.06.2015 15:14

Reconstruction of Zagorodnogo prospect is complete

The governor Georgy Poltavchenko and the chairman of the board of JSC Gazprom Alexey Miller examined the updated Zagorodny prospect.
On one of the most important transport arteries of the city from Five corners to Vladimirskaya ploshchad reconstruction of external lighting is complete and improvement is executed. The prospectus was decorated by decorative pig-iron lamps, sidewalks are paved with granite, new traffic lights and signs of traffic safety are installed. The memorable sign connected to a historical legend which can become one more sight of St. Petersburg is placed in the ploshchad of Five corners.
"To the City Day "Gazprom" gave St. Petersburg a remarkable gift. It is a contribution to the preservation of our unique architectural heritage and the unique image of St. Petersburg", - Georgy Poltavchenko told.

*** The project of reconstruction of external consecration and improvements on Zagorodny Avenue is realized within the cooperation agreement of St. Petersburg and JSC Gazprom. Works are performed by SPb SUE Lensvet and NP "Nevsky Light" together with the association of the enterprises of a road and bridge complex of St. Petersburg "DORMOST".
On the odd part of a site of the highway of the Central district, 15 architectural support of external lighting with 30 street lamps with a general power of 7,5 kW are placed. During installation of art lamps 10,5 meters high more than 1,6 km of a suspended network of external lighting in the centre of St. Petersburg was dismantled. 1,3 km of underground cable lines are laid. The new system of lighting organically fitted into a modern image of Zagorodnogo Avenue and is harmoniously combined with the architectural appearance of Vladimirsky prospect where in 2008 50 decorative pig-iron lamps were established.
Earlier similar works were performed on Liteyny prospect, Chernyshevsky prospect, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, Big and Small Konyushenna ulitsa, on ulitsa of Kirochnaya, Marat, Potemkinskaya, Rubenstein, Kazan, Pestelya, Belinsky, Karavanna and Furshtatska, and also on the Griboyedov kanal naberezhnaya, on the Vladimir and Preobrazhenskiy ploshchad. In December, 2014 reconstruction of Vosstaniya ulitsa was complete. In plans of this year - works on reconstruction of external lighting on Mayakovsky ul., Pushkin, Ligovsky Lane, and also on Moskovsky prospect - from Sennaya ploshchad to the naberezhnaya Bypass kanal.

News source: Administration of St. Petersburg

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