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World Draughts-64 Championships

World Draughts-64 Championships

In the World Draughts-64 Championships which started in St. Petersburg, the first winners and prize-winners in the lightning program and fast game were defined.
At men with lightning parties of a place were distributed as follows.

1 place Mikhalchenko Igor (Belarus)
2 places Pods Nikolay (Russia)
3 places Belosheev Sergey (Russia)

1 place Skovitina Elena (Moldova)
2 places - Sarshayeva Zhanna (Russia)
3 places - Leopoldova Nika (Russia, St. Petersburg)

Fast program.

1 place Norvayshas Arunas (Lithuania)
2 places Belosheev Sergey (Russia)
3 places Fedotov Andrey (Russia)

1 place Morozova Sofia (Russia)
2 places Fedorovich Darya (Belarus)
3 places Sarshayeva Zhanna (Russia)

In opening of a world championship in which 130 strongest athletes of the world from 44 countries take part, the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Evgeny Vladimirovich Lukyanov, the member of the government of St. Petersburg, the chairman of Committee on physical culture and sport Yury Vasilyevich Avdeev, the president of the International federation of draughts Vladimir Olegovich Langin, the chairman of the Organizing committee of competitions, the head of Fund of assistance to development of checkerboard sport "The Russian draughts" Alexander Leonidovich Gaydukov, the president of Federation of draughts of Russia Anatoly Yuryevich Nikitin took part.
Today, the classical program of the World Cup starts on October 5.

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