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City news, 16.12.2015 16:56

Chinizelli,s circus opened after restoration by smart representation

Within the IV St. Petersburg international cultural forum the ceremonial opening after restoration of Big St. Petersburg state circus took place. The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, the governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, the chairman of Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov, the CEO Rosgostsirka Vadim Gagloyev, the artistic director of the St. Petersburg state circus Vyacheslav Polunin and the people's artist of the USSR Iosif Kobzon took part in the opening ceremony and festive evening under the name "Special Smart Representation in Chinizelli's Circus".
As the governor noted, the well-known circus on Fontanka not only returned the historical appearance, but also a name. Now it became Ciniselli's Circus again. It occurred in a year of the 200 anniversary since the birth of the founder of circus the well-known actor Gaetano Ciniselli.
"Circus on Fontanka an integral part of the Petersburg culture and the culture of our country", - Georgy Poltavchenko told.
The governor thanked the Ministry of Culture and Rosgostsirk, staff of Big St. Petersburg state circus, restorers and builders for a gift to all Petersburgers and city visitors.
Special smart representation was opened by the legendary "solar" clown Oleg Popov.

The building on Fontanka was specially built for the Russia's first stationary circus. Here new architectural designs and elements were for the first time applied, many modern technologies were issued. In the Petersburg circus the first-ever and biggest Museum of circus art in Russia was open.
The building of Circus of Chinizelli is in federal property and is object of cultural heritage. Works on restoration began in July, 2014, are complete in November, 2015. In one and a half years the bases, walls, a bricklaying of the arches were strengthened, the facades of the building and a dome are restored, historical interiors, sculptures and a decor of the Imperial box, painting on an auditorium barrier are recreated, repair of engineering networks is carried out, chairs and a covering of an arena are replaced.
While restoration proceeded, the circus worked in a chapiteau in Yesenin's park (near the Dybenko Street subway) and thus prepared new programs.
Already on December 18 here New Year's representations will begin.

News source: Administration of St. Petersburg

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