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Festival of scrappy sewing «Tradition» 2016

Festival of scrappy sewing «Tradition» 2016

From January 19 to January 24, 2016 in St. Petersburg will pass an open festival of scrappy sewing "Tradition".
Subject of the Tradition festival in 2016 will become — "Round a log hut (a well, a felling)".
At creation of a competitive kvilt creative use mainly of the blocks known under the name "Log hut" ("Well", "Felling") and options of this block is supposed.
Besides in a competitive kvilt use of other traditional ornaments (blocks) and traditional the technician of scrappy sewing is possible.
Traditional ornaments (blocks) and technology of scrappy sewing is that is inherited by us from the previous generations of masters of scrappy sewing with what all loskutnitsa begin the acquaintance with this type of needlework.

Treat the traditional:
- kvilta which top layer is sewed from separate rags by connecting seams so that stocks of seams (open cuts) settle down from seamy side,
- the kvilta executed in technology of manual application and
- kvilta which top layer represents the integral cloth of fabric decorated with a styozhka.

The indispensable condition of reference of a product to a traditional kilt is its three-layer structure and existing stitches (manual or machine), connecting these layers among themselves.
Authors can take part in competitions of a festival regardless of age and existence of art education. Certain authors and collectives can present works (groups of 3 people).
The work of the certain author can be performed by two persons: sewing and assembly – one master, a stitch – the second. The demand is accepted from one person to the discretion of the authors. The name of the second author is entered on a label and in the demand surely.

Program of a festival:
- An exhibition competition of works on "Round a Log Hut (Well, Felling)" of participants of a festival in the showrooms of the Information and education centre SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg.
- Master classes in various directions for scrappy sewing.
- Personal exhibitions of famous masters and clubs of scrappy sewing within a festival.
- An exhibition sale of fabrics, accessories, tools and adaptations, sewing machines, etc. for needlework.

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