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Culture news, 03.04.2001 17:15

First "Japanese Spring in St. Petersburg".

Photo by S. Smolsky, ITAR-TASS. A festival of Japanese culture has opened in our city. It aims at broadening cultural ties between Japan and Russia, at strengthening business contacts and creating a basis for fruitful bilateral cooperation at the verge of the city's 300th anniversary. The photo to the right shows an exhibit of Japanese calligraphy in Shuvalov Palace, organized by head of a Japanese calligraphy school artist Tieko Aburatani (to the left). Works of calligraphy presented were created by children from St. Petersburg's twin city, Osaka, ranging in age from 5 to 16. Secretary in charge of Japan - Russia - St. Petersburg Friendship Society Nina Tsvetkova, is shown to the right. Photo by S. Smolsky, ITAR-TASS.

News source: ITAR-TASS

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