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Culture news, 07.05.2001 17:29

"Boheme" at St. Petersburg Theatre "Beyond the Looking Glass".

Photo by Yu. Belinsky, ITAR-TASS. Premiere of Giaccomo Puccini´s "Boheme" has been staged by State Musical Theatre "Beyond the Looking Glass". The theatre is known for its musical stagings for children. The new play was created by musical director and conductor Pavel Bubelnikov, artistic director Aleksandr Petrov, artists Aleksandr Orlov and Irina Cherednikova. Photo of A. Petrov after the premiere (in the centre) by Yu. Belinsky, ITAR-TASS. (Giaccomo Puccini´s "Boheme" has also recently been staged by St. Petersburg´s Mariinsky Theatre.)

News source: ITAR-TASS

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