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Culture news, 10.07.2001 16:25

"Japan Mania" in St.Petersburg.

The festival opened with the “traditional Japanese engraving from a private collection" exhibition. The exposition consists of Japanese engraving on a tree colour products made in XVIII - XIX centuries. Images of "pretty women", well-known beauties and geishas are the favourite themes for the world famous Japanese artists – Suzuki Harunobu (1725-1770) and Kitagava Utamaro (1753-1806). Kabuki theatre is another popular theme. The most well-known master of a theatrical engraving - Tosusay Saraku (to. XIX centuries). Some of his portraits of the actors are also displayed at the exhibition. One more name is Ando Hirosige (1797-1858), the master of landscapes who became famous in his 20 years.

The exhibition adjusts the spectator on philosophical mood and offers contemplate outlook on life. It could be titled the same as one of Suzuki Harunobu's engravings "Evening striking of a clock".

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