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Culture news, 23.07.2001 15:49

Konishi Yasuhara performed his music in Saint-Petersburg.

C:Ìîè äîêóìåíòûdujapon07.jpg Konishi Yasuhara of the famous Japanese act Pizzicato Five took part in all-night ‘Sushi Disco JapaNight Summer 2001’.

Pizzicato five is the most internationally popular pop band from Japan – ‘a blend of lounge, disco dance and bachelor pad ambiance’. They visited Russia last August, when they gave the only concert in Moscow’s 16 Tons club.

Unfortunately, this time Yasuhara came alone, without Maki Nomiya and K-taro Takanami. Disco also featured Djs Kostya Lovesky and Yelkashu, local electronic act Chugunny Skorohod, which played a special set called ‘Japanese Sunrise’. Fashion-designer Elena Biondy and Oxido shop showed new collection.

Performance took place both in the theater and in the closed park nearby the building. Several thousand people, Japanese design and video shows accompanied the show.

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