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Culture news, 27.07.2001 11:57

Petersburg painters in Marble palace.

C: koshel-sm.jpg Personal exhibitions of Oleg Kotelnikov, Bob Koshelohov and Inal Savchenkov has opened in Marble palace. These painters are well-known not only in Saint-Petersburg. In 1980s his art was closely connected with Timur Novikov and New artists group.

Bob (Boris) Koshelohov is one of the famous painters recusants of 1970s. He began to paint in 1975. Koshelohov is the founder of Letopis group, which studied expressionism and fovism - it popularized the cult of naked body. There are some of his pastels and sculptures on display.

Inal Savchenkov also closely connected with New Artists. He is a member of Neoexpressionism movement. In the early 1990s he creates several pictures made in city graffiti style.

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