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"Summer in Swing Style".

C: jazzdance.jpg Days will be filled by classes on Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Tap, taught by swedish professionals: Lennart Westerlund chief of "The Rhythm Hot Shots" (TRHS) dance company and International Herrang Dance Camp; Hanna Zetterman instructor and member of TRHS; also Frida Segerdahl, Halmstad, Sweden and Zakarias Larsson, Stockholm, Sweden, Ursula, Switzeland.

Lindy Hop - Forerunner and first mother of all swing dances. Originated in the Harlem ballrooms mainly during the 30s and early 40s. Disappeared more or less in the 60s and 70s but experienced a rebirth starting about 20 years ago. Today spread all over the world and brought to new heights;

Boogie Woogie - European counterpart of american rock`n` roll-dancing during the 50s. The renaissance of today started in the Munich area of southern Germany about 15 years ago and today the dance is spread all over most european countries);

Tap - Genuine and well-known art form based on rhythm, balance and timing. Formed and developed in USA during the late 1800- and forward until the peak around the middle of last century.

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