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Culture news, 22.08.2001 16:39

“VG 1995-2001” photo-exhibition opened in Marvel Palace.

Vincent Goutal VG 1995-2001" exhibition of a young French photographer Vincent Goutal works opened in the Russian Museum's Marble Palace. 30 years old photographer is known as a unique master of high level. His photographs are remarkable for the distinct sharpness, lack of complicated techniques, and as a result seem to be rather reporting. The subjects are quite ordinary: family routine, everyday life, portraits. Goutal's art language is ascetic: thought-out sameness of the format, deliberate arbitrary of the framing.

The exposition consists of 3 photoseries: "One Couple" (1999), "TV Society" (1995-1996) and "The Judges" (2000). Shots for the first two series fix the moments of common people's everyday life. At that Goutal emphasizes the photographs square shape, believing that an equilateral quadrangle attracts the viewers attention. "The Judges" series consist of six portraits showing not the human faces themselves but their blown up fragments. Each shot is accompanied by models' answers to the photographer's questions. Dramatic details of these people's lives add a special meaning to the shots and explain the name of the series.

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