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Culture news, 31.08.2001 16:32

World Premier At the Aleksandrinsky Theatre Stage

A world premier of Russian - Canadian project "Convoy PQ-17" will be held at the Aleksandrinsky Theatre stage on Friday within the frames of the polar convoys 60th anniversary celebration.

The staging idea belongs to Canadian choreographer Bill Coleman, son of one of the survived convoy PQ-17 sailors. The performance tells of the sea convoy PQ-17 dramatic destiny, when of 39 trade ships only 11 reached Russian shore. Others were wrecked by German ships attack group. There were 210 airplanes, 430 tanks and almost 100.000 tons of cargo on the drowned ships.

Concert choir of the Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre of Musorgsky, "Congress-orchestra" and Canadian ballet dancers will participate in the performance.

There will be navy veterans present at the premier, among them - John Coleman, the choreograph's father, who survived the convoy's tragedy, representatives of the Antifascist coalition countries diplomatic corps, navy academies cadets.

News source: RIA-NOVOSTI

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