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Culture news, 12.11.2001 19:14

Eros Romazzotti performed in St. Petersburg.

The Italian singer Eros Romazzotti performed in St. Petersburg during his European tour Stilelibero-2001, which started on April 18 in Italy and continued in Croat, Austria, Switzeland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Poland, Denmark.

At the St. Petersburg concert one could hear the songs “Puoi che puoi” and “Fuoco nel fuoco” as well as many other beautiful and melodic compositions.

Eros Romazzotti is one of musicians who have crossed the boundaries of national Spanish song. His popularity is increasing with each year. This is favoured by cooperation with superstars. Romazzotti’s songs made together with Tina Turner and Cher have instantly become hits. Among the nearest plans is a work with Lenny Kravits.

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