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Culture news, 16.11.2001 18:04

Scary B.O.O.M. & Ilya Strogoff has released a CD.

A compact disk of the St. Petersburg group Scary B.O.O.M & Ilya Strogoff is on sale now.

Creation of such a soundtrack to a book is a unique action. At the first time the author will read a composition based on the third part of his novel himself. At the first time a totally new for a Russian listener music scarybilly performed by the group Scary B.O.O.M will be played in such a project.

Scary B.O.O.M is a St. Petersburg group, the first album of which was released in Japan, partly on vinyl disks in the USA. Their compact disks are sold at both sides of the Atlantic and are much admired by English an d American music critics, who recognize an undoubted pioneering and peculiar nature of the group's leader Kirill Ermichev' compositions.

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