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Culture news, 23.11.2001 17:57

The Festival “Solo Dance-2001” is held in St. Petersburg.

dance A festival of modern experimental dance and improvisation, Solo Dance-2001, has opened in Smolny Institute of Free Arts and Sciences today.

“Solo Dance” is the only Russian festival that presents such a rare genre as an amateur solo dance. Dancers-choreographers working in this genre do not perform someone else's choreography, but create their own language and style, being pioneers on the unknown land of a new dance. This is a genre to propose endless possibilities for an experiment.

Solo dance performance will take place at the stage of the Variety Theatre (Bolshaya Konushennaya, 27), on November 26-27.

Besides the concert program a photograph exhibition of Mikhail Ivanov and Nina Gasteva – dancers of the a famous Petersburg theatre Iguan – will be held.

a video program made by a specialist in dance history Elisabeth Candle will be demonstrated on November, 28. The same day a scientific conference “Body language and a dance language” will be held.

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