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Culture news, 14.12.2001 16:25

Hugo Loetscher will recite in German.

Hugo Loetscher, one of the Switzerland's best known writers One of Switzerland's best known writers and thinkers Hugo Loetscher will recite in the building of the Nabokov's Museum (Bolshaya Morskaya, 47), on December 15, at 7 p.m.

Hugo Loetscher, one of the most Switzerland's prolific writers –a novelist, literary critic and journalist, – was born in 1929 in Zurich. He studied political science, economics, sociology and literature in Zurich and Paris, then worked for many years as literary critic and editor of various journals, becoming a freelance writer in 1969. In 1979-80 he was writer in residence at the University of Southern California and in 1981-82 the inaugural holder of the Swiss Chair at the City University in New York. He has been awarded many prestigious prizes for his work. His play “Die Launen des Glucks oder Parterre und Belle Etage” was first performed in the Schauspielhaus, Zurich, in 1997. He has travelled widely in the Far East.

Reciting in Nabokov's museum will include extracts from his new, not yet published book “Der Buckel”.

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