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Culture news, 18.12.2001 19:11

“Abstract Art in Russia. The Twentieth century”

The ceremony of opening included a performance The exhibition “Abstract Art in Russia. The Twentieth century” has opened in the Benois Wing of the State Russian Museum.The exhibition is organized together with the Tretjakov's Gallary (Moscow), as well as Moscow and foreign individual collectors. The ceremony of opening included a performance.

The exhibition shows about 800 works of abstractionism - more than two hundred paintings and sculptures are from the collection of the Russian Museum. The most important works on display are the revolutionary abstractions painted by Wassily Kandinsky in the early twentieth century, as well as examples of such other non-objective movements as Mikhail Larionov's Rayonism, Kazimir Malevich's Suprematism, Alexander Rodchenko's Constructivism and Pavel Filonov's analytic art. The Russian Museum also possesses a unique collection of abstractions by post-war underground artists from Leningrad and Moscow.

Photo by N. Infantiev, Interpress

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