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Culture news, 23.01.2002 18:18

“Alone in the Midst of the Century”

A memorial evening of the poet Gleb Semenov, “Alone in the Midst of the Century”, dedicated to the twentieth anniversary since the poet's death, is held today in the Museum of Block (Dekabristov Str., 57).

An exhibition of Semenov's personal belongings, photos, autographs, books, his students' works is also opened in the museum. The memorial evening will gather his relatives, friends, students and colleagues: D. Granin, G. Gamper, G. Gorbovsky, A. Bitov, A. Gorodnitsky, N. Perevezentseva, J. Gordin, I. Fonjakov, etc. Poems by Semenov and works dedicated to him will be recited, presentation of the last book of collected poems “Solo for the Age with Orchestra” will be held.

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