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Culture news, 04.02.2002 16:33

“St. Petersburg on the Turn of the Millenniums”

Rumyantsev's Mansion The exhibition “St. Petersburg on the Turn of the Millenniums”, dedicated to the tenth anniversary since Leningrad returned its historical name starts on February 5, in Rumyantsev’s Mansion (Angliyskaya (English) Emb., 44).

The exhibition telling us about the history of the city during 1991-2001 was prepared by the State Museum of the St. Petersburg’s History. It is based on original historical documents and photographs from museum’s collections. The exposition also includes a film showing the main events of the city’s life during the last decade. An interactive data base allows visitors to use references and learn more about the subject they are interested in. “Our museum is the only that can give you so comprehensive and accurate knowledge in city and its inhabitants’ lives in various epochs”, – mentioned B. Arakcheev, museum’s director.

News source: Rosbalt

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