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Culture news, 11.02.2002 15:58

Museum of Modern Art has appeared in St. Petersburg

opening of MOMA The press conference held on this occasion presented the first exhibits: “The Red Square” by Malevich and two Merlin Monroe paintings by Andy Yorhole and Joseph Boys submitted by Timur Novikov, now head of the new institution. In the whole the start collection of the museum counts 122 works of modern western and Russian artists from collections of T. Novikov, S. Bugaev, A. Salakhova, as well as the Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts and the Museum of Nonconformity Art. The first exhibition of the museum, which opened just after the press conference, became S. Bugaev’s exhibition who presented a series of computer reproductions chaotically littered on two walls – multiple fragments from Michelangelo’s “The Judgement Day”.

Photo by N. Infantjev, Interpress

News source: Interpress

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