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Culture news, 04.03.2002 16:25

“Anonymous Portraits”

“Anonymous Portraits” The exhibition is a part of the well-known great project of the Russian Museum “Abstract Art in Russia. The 20th Century”. But it aims to represent the artist not just as a classicist of abstract art, but as a modern painter actively working in the field of present-day art.

M. German wrote: “These works, impressing not only by their scale, but anxious and considerable psychological tension, let us recognize the hand of a famous Petersburg master, as well as prove a new level of his searching. Faces on portraits represent meaningful and anxious mixture of images, images the solemnly and loudly resounding in memory of anyone looking at them, resounding because Jung called them archetypes – primary conceptions stored by the ‘collective unconcious”.

Photo by A. Fedotova, Interpress

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