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Culture news, 06.03.2002 17:27

Montserrat Caballe performs today in St. Petersburg

Montserrat Caballe Today Montserrat Caballe performs in St. Petersburg at the concert dedicated to the 35th anniversary of St. Petersburg State Academic Symphonic Orchestra conducted by R. Martynov.

The program also includes performances of people’s artist, violinist V. Trtjakov, ballerina A. Volochkova, singer N. Baskov. The first part consists of the overture to Glinka’s opera “Ruslan and Ludmila” and Tchaikovsky’s concert for a violin with orchestra (the soloist – V. Tretjakov). The pearl of the second part will be Montserrat Caballe. She is going to perform works of unknown composers and extracts from other classical operas.

Photo by N. Polinin, Interpress

News source: Rosbalt

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