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Culture news, 04.04.2002 15:51

Vladimir Baranoff-Rossin in the Russian Museum

This exhibition addresses the art of Vladimir Baranoff-Rossin, one of the masters of Russian avant-garde whose oeuvre is still little known in Russia, even though his one-man shows were a great success in Paris and London.

Vladimir Baranoff-Rossin (1888-1942) was a painter, sculptor, theorist of "colour music" and inventor of the "optophonic" piano. He contributed to exhibitions from 1907. His early landscapes are painted in a soft Neo-Impressionist manner. The artist later moved to France, where he played an active role in Parisian art life, evolving from Post-Impressionism through Fauvism and Cubism to Orphism. For three years, he lived and worked in Norway.

After the revolution, Vladimir Baranoff-Rossin became professor of painting at the VKhUTEMAS in Moscow. In 1925, he emigrated to Paris. The artist died in a concentration camp during the Second World War.

The exhibition displays paintings from the Russian Museum and other collections

The exhibition lasts till June 3, 2002.

News source: The Russian Museum

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