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Culture news, 08.07.2002 17:59

“Euro” an exhibition in the Window of Europe

“Euro” an exhibition in the Window of Europe One more exhibition labeled “Euro” is taking place in the museum – social-center of academic Sakharov.

The exhibition seems to be of unique atmosphere belonging to an artistic hostel. First, 30 painters “live” there; in one corner brisk music is on, from a tape playing top-hits for the moment in the amount of 1 from each of the European countries, from Russia it is “Mummy Trol”. On the wall one can see boards where, by nail, You can read “Call Russia to an Ox”, signed “Peter”. Besides one can find a rag where about 40 identical houses are imaged and signed as “A House of My one Georgian Uncle”, “The House of Billie”, “The House of Izia”. Not far there is a canvass where You can see a chess game in which the Russian part is labeled by the European Union flag symbolica. Looking at how chess figures are placed one will guess it is a no-winner situation. As well You can find one tiny Tour Eiffel together with tremendous sculpture composition, “European Household-woman”, meaning a woman symmetrically among 6 cows.

The feeling may arise while You visit exhibition that we know practically nothing about Europe though may be one composition still explains this enterprise’s essence: three white canvasses at the entrance, “Europe”, “Asia”, “Love”.

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