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Culture news, 09.07.2002 17:43

Poetical evening of Maria Galina and Arkady Shtypel’

Today at 6 p.m. in Anna Akhmatova museum in Fontain House there is an poetical evening of Maria Galina and Arkady Shtypel’ (Moscow) the latter gives presentation of his new book “Visiting Yevklid”. “Last futurist of his time” Arkady Shtypel’ published his first book at the age of 58, thus founding his fame in front of various audiences due to his publications in journals “Arion’, “Kreschatik”, almanakh “Avtornik” and others. Shtypel’ poetry is distinguished for its intellectual-lyric play matching with complex poetic structure demanding from its reader active and constrained co-operation.

Maria Galina is biologist by education. She is a laureate of a number of internet concourses, author of two poetical books and a novel “A blanket for Avadonna”, as well as member of the famous “Goodwill City” ontology of young Odessa poets. Her poetry is published in journals: “Postscriptum”, “Arion”, “Kreschatik”. Her poetic world, where city folklore’s role is dominating, is full of intertwined phenomena and human beings, and she richly provides them with the reader to perceive and name them.

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