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Culture news, 17.07.2002 16:11

"The Music Household” of Sergey Volkov 14.07.2002

In the artist center “Valencia ” - gallery exhibition of the graphic works of Sergey Volkov under the name of “The Household Music” - opens today, July 17.

Exhibition source is professional designer of a number of transparencies for the concerts of groups-improvisers in new music, in particular for a duet of Gaivoronsky and V. Volkov with “Pop-mechanics”. Sergey Volkov has had a number of personal exhibitions. The actual exhibition will give to its visitors a view of author's unique works though the best has been patented already by an American firm, «Neva Art Publishing».

In the gallery's halls You will as well find abstract guashes and «A Child's Album»; the latter recitates with etudes on forte-piano of Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky.

There is always a place to a music escort in the artist's work. That's why in the halls the music is on, of compositions taped from a duet of Vycheslav Gaivoronsky (with a trumpet) and Eveline Petrova ( accordion).

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