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Culture news, 24.07.2002 12:34

The premiere of opera Jacomo Puccini "Turandot".

The premiere of opera Jacomo Puccini On July, 25 and 27 Mariinsky theatre will present a premiere of opera Jacomo Puccini "“urandot", east fairy tale about the prince Kalaf who was in love with cruel beauty “urandot. Puccini used fairy tale written by Gozzi and has made a love drama especially bright, passionate and cruel, full unearthly luxury and imagination.

The director of performance is Charles Rubo - the known director making staging for the Marseilles opera, operas of Bordeaux and Avignon, for theatres of Seville and Verona, Monte Carlo, for the Kennedy Centre(Washington). In this opera Rubo has appealed to the traditional version of opera "“urandot" with a final duet and the ending .It is significant, that on the premiere in the part of  alaf is one of oustanding tenors - Vladimir Galuzin, which part the audience can estimate at itís true worth.

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