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Culture news, 06.08.2002 13:31

The exhibition " Saint Petersburg through the eyes of " near "foreigners" is opened August, 6.

The exhibition In gallery “Nota Bene” the exhibition " Saint Petersburg through the eyes of near foreigners " today is opened. Pictorial and graphic products of two Byelorussian artists Ales’ Faley and Anatoly Maryshev will be submitted in the exposition. All landscapes and the sketches submitted by artists, are made two weeks prior to opening an exhibition. Pictures of Ales’ Faley can be perceived without dependence from schools, art currents, styles, outside of connection with their geographical or ethnic origin. Anatoly Maryshev’s works, on responses of critics, are more realistic. The artist became the winner of the Minsk exhibition of plein-air art and will represent republic Byelorussia on similar international festival in Lithuania. The exhibition will be open till August, 24.

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