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Culture news, 20.08.2002 16:01

The exhibition "Works of the Baltic amber in collection of the State Hermitage".

The exhibition August, 20 in the Blue bedroom of the Winter palace the exhibition "Works of the Baltic amber in collection of the State Hermitage " will open.

For the first time the full collection of amber objects, being in funds of the State Hermitage will be presented. There are decorative amber boxes and caskets, handles of daggers and swords, mouthpieces, snuffboxes and other amber objects (alltogether there are about 120 exhibits) .

The amber things belonging to empress Ekaterina the Great occupy the special place at the exhibition. The collection of the amber objects made under drafts of Paul the Firstís wife, empresses Maria Fedorovna - talented artist and lapidary is not less unique.

In Saint Petersburg objects of the Baltic amber have appeared from the moment of the basis of city when Peter the First began to bring various amber hand-made articles from his foreign travels. Collection of amber objects in the State Hermitage supplements until now, however during last years in a museum only solitary works of the Baltic amber arrive.

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