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Culture news, 26.08.2002 18:42

An exhibition "Autumn in a metal lace"

An exhibition The guild of smiths and metal artists of Saint Petersburg and smiths of Russia have prepared the surprising program. The exhibition held in December of the last year was full, this exhibition autumn will be more grandiose and more unusual. Visitors will see metal masterpieces - tiny and big, light and massive, unpredictable forms and the images, playing on colors and textures. Expositions will present unique metaldecor of the most beautiful cities of Russia which is restored, develops and supported by experts of art processing of the metal, owning secrets of great-grandfathers and high technologies of the present.

In the program of an exhibition - birthday of Guild, masterclass, competition of professionals “Kuznets-molodets” ("Smith - the good fellow"), competition of a photo "Moment - umora", collection of metal souvenirs to the 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg and competition of the student's works, two best of which will be marked by the grant of Guild for 2003.

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