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Culture news, 30.08.2002 17:55

The museum of a sculpture offer August, 30 an exhibition "One’s time"(“Svoe vremja”)

The museum of a sculpture offer August, 30 an exhibition

August, 30 in showrooms of the State museum of a city sculpture the exhibition "One’s time " (Moscow - Yaroslavl - Saint Petersburg opens. Transit). On the exhibition works of young ceramicers from different cities will be presented.

"One’s time" in Saint Petersburg is a new exhibition where the last works of Igor Berkuta, Eugeny Gladkova, Barbarians Dartseva, Larissa Zaharova, Alexander Kaminker (all from Saint Petersburg), Elena Zhil'tsova, Olga Kolesnik, Nadezhda Muhina, Marina Ogurtsova (Yaroslavl), Olesya Ivleva, Maxim Nazarov (Moscow) are presentd. Originally this "transit" exposition was planned as the exhibition of ceramic clocks, but practically at once it has outgrow the made borders.

According to artists, "One’s time " is not only "games with time" and cases for clocks and watches, but also original trying to understand the personal creativity. It’s like "transit". It is not simply moving from one city to another with a time stop somewhere in the middle, but it also a symbol of constant creative movement, tendency with a wel-timed stop, respite, result ".

The exhibition will last till September, 11.

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