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Culture news, 13.09.2002 16:47

III Festival of Scottish Highlanders’ Games

III Festival of Scottish Highlanders’ Games Solemn opening ceremony of the Third Games of Scottish Highlanders takes place in Peter-and-Paul’s Fortress, at the Naryshkin Bastion, on September 14 at 12:00 p.m., with a traditional shot of the fortress’s cannon.

The festival will last till September 16. It has been since 1999 that the holiday is a great success with the guests and citizens of St. Petersburg, different in age and social occupation.

A traditional place for the games has been our city’s heart center which is Peter-and-Paul’s fortress. In the festival participate: delegation form Scotland amounting for 60 people and in particular consisting of the orchestra of bagpipers; drummers, dancers, sportsmen, a children’s group, many artists as well as famous national Scottish singer – Moira Kerr.

Partly the festival takes its potential from a multi-century tradition of holding the games of Scotland’s Highlanders which is one of the most ancient games in the world originating in the 8th century in Scotland. In our days, these games are held all over the world; uniqueness of the games lies in the fact of a directed mix of human force, music and dance, taking place simultaneously.

In the festival’s program are cultural events of charitable character – music performances of the orchestra of bagpipers “Lonakh” and other artist groups, taking place at schools and children’s homes. The orchestra of bagpipers is going to play on Malaya Sadovaya street; on Petrovsky stadium (before the beginning of football match “Dinamo-TsSKA”) on September 14 and in the town of Petershof.

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