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Culture news, 17.09.2002 12:01

The history of Petersburg cookery

The history of Petersburg cookery September, 16 in the Petersburg Museum of bread the exhibition "History of the culinary book in Russia" has opened

On an exposition the culinary books issued in the period since XVII century till today are presented. These are originals of the "New cookbook" by Crist (1775), "Economic instructions to noblemen, peasants and cooks" by Drukovtsev (1773), hand-written Articles. There are also foreign culinary books, oldest of which the French "Le cuisinier moderne" - is dated of 1762. About ancient recipes of wines it is possible to read in the "Newest and perfect Parisian confectioner, lemonader and dostillator" by Cordelli (1829).

At the exhibition the mini-library works, there it is possible to look through editions about cookery of modern writers and also to copy out recipes from xerocopies of ancient books.

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