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Culture news, 18.09.2002 14:15

The exhibition of Sergey Esajanís works has opened

The exhibition of Sergey Esajanís works has opened In the Marble palace of the State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg the exhibition of works of Russian artist - emigrant Sergey Esajan has opened. The master who for the first time after almost 25 years of emigration has arrived to St. Petersburg has taken part in solemn opening.

At the exhibition works of painting, sculpture and the diagrams created by Esajan in the "French period" of his creativity (from 1979 to 2002) are presented. On Esajanís words, for the exhibition in St. Petersburg he specially has selected only those works which were created outside Russia. "It is my original report about twenty years of emigration" - Esajan has noted. Sergey Esajan also has donated to the State Russian museum three his works.

The exhibition in the State Russian museum is organized on patronage of Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaja who have taken part in solemn opening of the exposition.

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