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Culture news, 19.09.2002 11:47

Today "German literary readings" open

Today In Saint Petersburg "German literary seasons - 2002" today open. In the framework of festival literary readings, lectures, meetings with the readers, organized by the Gete Institute with participation the Robert Bosh Fund. This year three German-speaking writers will take part in the "German literary seasons" - Swisses Hugo Letcher and Zoe Jenny, and also the author from Germany Hans-Ulrih Treihel.

This year in readings in the library named after Majakovsky Hugo Letcher will present stories from the collection "Hump" which yet has not issued in Russian language, and also will acquaint readers with novel "Noy". In the beginning of October Saint Petersburg will be visited by Hans-Ulrih Treihel', the known German poet and the prose writer, the professor of the German literature in the Leipzig University. Zoe Jenny, the rising star of the Swiss literature, will arrive to Saint Petersburg at the end of October.

The festival will be finished by conference in the museum of Nabokov "Portrait of the author in a mirror: Nabokov and Fassbinder". In concept of organizers, conference is called to connect two projects of the Gete institute - "German literary seasons - 2002" and the film-project "RWF is Fassbinder" which lasts in Saint Petersburg already a year.

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