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Culture news, 23.09.2002 17:24

Competition on the text of the hymn of Saint Petersburg

Competition on the text of the hymn of Saint Petersburg On Monday in St. Petersburg conference of the commission of open competition on the text of the hymn of Northern capital is held.

As Elizaveta Agamaljan - the press-secretary of the chairman of the commission Vadim Tjul'panov - has informed, now reception of applications for participation in the competition is already finished. In total 320 variants of the text of the hymn of Saint Petersburg under commission consideration were recieved.

Works on the competition were presented by pensioners, blockade sitizens, participants of war, people with high technical education . However among competitors there are also members of the Union of writers, the Union of composers, teachers of choral schools. The variant of the hymn of St. Petersburg was offered by known Russian author-performer Alexander Gorodnitsky.

On Agamaljan’s words, at the following conference of the competitive commission appointed on October, 7 three best works will be chosen. Then jury will estimate these texts. In the jury the honourable citizens of Saint Petersburg - Jores Alferov, Michael Bobrov, Irina Bogacheva, Natalia Dudinskaja, Cyril Lavrov, Alice Freindlich, Igor Spassky - are included.

Results of competition will be summed up October, 25. For the winner monetary compensation is stipulated. If the competitive commission or jury will not consider possible to use any of the presented variants as the text of the hymn of Saint Petersburg, competition will be considered might-have-been.

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