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Culture news, 17.10.2002 17:16

State Hermitage hires cats

State Hermitage hires cats The first appearance of cats in the palace (where the State Hermitage is now located) dates back to Elizabethan times. Cats are the only way of effective fight against rodents in the basement of the museum. According to Director of the State Hermitage museum Mikhail Pyotrovsky, the museum’s employees dig up the money to keep the cats among themselves since there is not any way to give budgetary support to the animals. “On the day of the paycheck my secretary never forgets to remind me to chip in”. The population of cats in the museum is always the same in number, however at the end of the 80s people started bringing their pets to the museum since they could not afford feeding them home. Right now the Hermitage manages to retain the number of cats on one and the same level. “cats make us kinder, even to one another”, says Pyotrovsky.

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