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Culture news, 22.10.2002 10:58

Laureates of the highest Saint-Petersburg theatre premium are announced

Laureates of the highest Saint-Petersburg theatre premium are announced In the evening of October 21 in the Theatre of Musical Comedy took place the Award ceremony with the highest theatre premium “Golden Soffit”. The Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Yakovlev opened the evening.

Appeal of the chairman of the Theatric Activists of Russia, Alexander Kalyagin, was read to public. Altogether, 15 nominations and 46 artists and performances was presented to be chosen among for the best ones for the theatric season of 2001-2002 by the Experts Commission.

The Laureates are: in the “Dolls Theatres. Production” nomination – Nikolai Borovkov for representation of performance “Gulliver in the country of Lilliputians” (E. Demmeni, 1936) in the Puppets Theatre. In “The Best Role in the Puppets Theatre” nomination – Faina Kostina for the role of the Minister Flimnap in the performance “Gulliver in the country of Lilliputians” in the Puppets Theatre.

Golden statuette for “The Best Artist’s Work” received Vyacheslav Okunev – scenography for “Don Juan and Moliere” play in the Academic Theatre of Ballet under the leadership of Boris Eifman. “The Best Work of A Scenographer” nomination won Alexander Orlov for his scenography of “Three comrades” performance in “Baltiisky Dom” theatre. In the section of musical theatres in “The Best Opera Performance” nomination the Commission was to choose among the two performances of the Mariinsky theatre; as a result the statuette was awarded for “Tsar Demyan” opera in the production of V. Kramer, for this performance also Alexander Titov was awarded the prize in “The Best Work of A Conductor” nomination.

In “The Best Ballet Performance” nomination “Don Juan and Moliere” staged at the Academic Theatre of Ballet (Boris Eifman) was chosen. “The Best Opera Role” was awarded to Alexander Alexashkin for the party of Boris Godunov in “Boris Godunov” opera of the Mariinsky Theatre, “The Best Ballet Role” received Yuri Ananyan for the party of Don Juan in “Don Juan and Moliere” ballet (Boris Eifman).

In the section of drama theatres won: Tatyana Schuko for the role of Lika in “The Moscow Choir” play of the Maly Drama Theatre and Theatre of Europe – “The Best Woman’s Role”; Igor Ivanov for the role of Barukh Naileben in “Disappearance” play of the Maly Drama Theatre and Theatre of Europe – “The Best Man’s Role”; Natalia Borovkova for the role of Minskaya Liudmila Sergeyevna in “The Teacher of Rhythmics” play of the T.U.Z. – “The Best Secondary Role”; Ksenia Katalymova for the role of Mara in “The Doctor of Philosophy” play of the Akimov Theatre of Comedy – “The Best Debut”; Andrei Prikotenko for the production of “The Teacher of Rhythmics” in the T.U.Z. – “The Producer’s Work”.

According to the decision of the Commission, the best performance of the past season is “The Moscow Choir” – producer Igor Konyaev, Director Lev Dodin, the Maly Drama Theatre and Theatre of Europe.

Special prizes were also awarded at the ceremony: “For Loyalty to the Theatre” the golden statuette received Vsevolod Kuznetsov, Nina Olkhina and Vladimir Trukhanov; “For Long Creative Life and Unique Contribution to Theatric Culture of St. Petersburg” – Igor Dmitriev and Alla Osipenko; “For Support of Theatric Art in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast” – Andrei Morkov, Director of telechannel TNT-Petersburg.

Lev Dodin was awarded the premium of G. A. Tovstonogov – “For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Theatric Art”.

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