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Culture news, 04.11.2002 17:15

Valery Isachenko’s landscape sketches

Valery Isachenko’s landscape sketches The museum of A.A.Blok represents the exhibition "Faces of Kolomna" on which Valery Isachenko's graphics are presented

The exhibition will work from November, 4 till November, 29. For many years St. Petersburg was the main theme of pictorial and graphic works of Valery Isachenko. Many works of the artist are devoted to romantic Kolomna. Well well-known to each townsman and loved from the childhood places open in unexpected foreshortenings, from unusual points of view, for example, from the bell tower of the Nicolsky Cathedral. Water colors and pictures of Isachenko are landscape sketches embodying leaving and eternally varying appearance of the city, appearance of one of the most poetic its corners - old Kolomna.

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