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Culture news, 05.11.2002 16:49

The exhibition "The world of the Yakut holiday"

The exhibition The exhibition "The world of the Yakut holiday" will open November, 6 in the Russian ethnographic museum

This exhibition is dated for the Days of Republic Saha which are taking place in Saint Petersburg, and devoted to 370-anniversary of Yakutia’s joining in Russian empire and to the future 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg.

About hundred exhibits of Yakutia‘s unique material culture of the end XIX-XX of centuries from funds of the Russian ethnographic museum are presented at the exhibition. Costumes, embroideries, a lace, instruments of agriculture, care of cattle, tools of handicraftsmen, details of dwelling are presented. Exhibits are incorporated around of the main holiday of Yakuts "Ysyah". This holiday is spent in June before the beginning of haymaking and connected to approach of summer, revival of a nature. The exhibition will last up to the end of January.

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