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Culture news, 11.11.2002 18:26

Genovese paintings of 16th-18th centuries exhibited at Hermitage

“Genoa in the Hermitage.Paintings and Drawings of ÕVI-ÕVIII centuries” "Genova in the Hermitage" exhibition opens at the State Hermitage (St. Petersburg) on Tuesday. The exhibition is sponsored by the museum, Genova City Hall and Palazzo Ducale under the patronage of the Italian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy to Italy. The exposition features paintings and graphic works by Genovese artists. The works will acquaint visitors with the original Genovese school of painting, which was formed for three centuries (from the 16th till 18th centuries). It was the golden age of Genoese art. The founding father of the Genovese school Cambiaso and his disciples Fiasella, Piola and Strozzi worked there. Rubens and Van Dyke also lived and worked in Genova in different times. The exhibition at the Hermitage is a peculiar "response" exposition. In March-July 2002 Hermitage masterpieces were shown in Genova. "Genova in the Hermitage" exhibition will last till January 20th, 2003.

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