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Culture news, 04.12.2002 16:42

Ballet by Valery Michajlovsky "The person as he is"

Ballet by Valery Michajlovsky The male ballet of Valery Michajlovsky on stage of the Big Concert Hall "Oktjabrsky" will present today "The person as he is"

St. Petersburg the male ballet of Valery Michajlovsky on stage of the Big Concet Hall "Oktjabrsky" today will present a concert in two parts, each of which is the separate program of ballet. In the first section the ballet will show choreographic composition of Valery Michajlovsky "Homo ecce" ("The person as he is") The composition consists of items of modern ballet masters, in particular, Boris Ejfman and Michailovsky on music by Sink, Vangelis, Bach and also the Japanese traditional music. The second section - "Ah, these masterpieces!" ("Both for fun, and seriously") - represents a divertisement of classical items and ballets of world choreography: Kitriís variation from the ballet " Don Quixote", a variation from ballet "Raymonda", a pas de deux from ballets "Sylphida", "Esmeralda" and others.

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