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Culture news, 18.12.2002 17:23

In the Mariinsky theatre the New Year's ball will be held

In the Mariinsky theatre the New Year's ball will be held For the first time in history of St. Petersburg in the Mariinsky theatre the New Year's ball will be carried out, it will revive an atmosphere of holidays of the gone epoch.

By ten o'clock in the evening of the last day of 2002 visitors will gather in foyer of the theatre where cocktails, musical surprises, games and lotteries will be prepared for them. Then gentlemen in tail-coats and ladies in evening dresses will go to the main foyer of the dress circle: the celebratory table here will be served. It is still not known, what chef will cook meals for the ball participants. Several best chefs are “fighting“ for the right to do it.

After the Kremlin chiming clock sound 12 hours, on the big stage the concert with stars of opera, ballet, chorus will begin. When the concert will be finished, the orchestra of well-known Petersburg theatre will turn in a dance hall. Visitors will waltz on Iohann Strauss music in performance of the Symphonic orchestra. At daybreak the area before theatre celebratory fireworks will blind.

New Year's ball in the Marrinsky theatre becomes charitable. The obtained means /payment makes 700 US dollars / will be directed on realization of the program of the Mariinsky theatre to 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg.

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